Frequently Asked Questions

What is PySchools about?

PySchools is a Python Tutorial webpage created using Google App Engine. This is a webpage for beginners to learn the Python programming language. We believe the best way to learn a programming language is through practice.

What Python version is used?

PySchools runs on Google App Engine using Python 2.7.

Why do I need to log in?

User is required to login in order to track the progress of the user. Only the email address is recorded for tracking purpose.

Why do I fail a test case when the Returned Result and the Expected Result appear to be the same?

Some possible reasons are missing end of line character '\n' and/or space character '  '. Look for clues in the Examples section. Email us your observations with your code if you still can't get it right.

What are the Private Test Cases?

Private test cases are hidden test cases created to prevent the users from hardcoding the answers to the visible test cases. If you fail the private test cases, look at the samples for some clues that you may miss. For example, there may be a missing '\n' or ' ' (space) which is not apparent between the Returned and Expected results.